Audacity 2.2.2 won't pick up my headset mic via 3.5mm jack.

When I have my headset plugged into my Windows 10 laptop’s headphone jack, Audacity recognizes the headphones and plays sound through them, but it won’t pick up the attached microphone and take sound from it. The microphone isn’t in the devices menu at the top, and it’s not within the Preferences > Devices menu either. Any clue how to make it pick up the headset’s microphone?

Have a look in Windows recording devices for the headset mic and enable it …
Only when enabled can Audacity “see” the mic & record from it.

[ I’m assuming the hardware is correctly connected : that the socket on the computer accepts TRRS jack from headset which includes the mic signal ]

I looked in my list of devices & made sure that disabled devices were shown as well, and my headset mic was nowhere to be seen. I can’t tell just by looking, but it’s possible that my computer doesn’t have the right kind of headphone jack (even though the icon next to the jack shows a headset instead of just headphones).

It may not say “headset mic”, but should include the word “microphone”.
Plugin the headset then try sequentially enabling each instance of “microphone” in recording devices, (a/k/a trial & error ).

If that doesn’t solve the problem it may be a soundcard-driver problem,
see …
( i.e. a Windows snafu, nothing to do with Audacity ).


Have you heretofore been able to use your headphones (and specifically the microphone) with your laptop? In other words, have you been able to transmit your voice with the mic?

The reason I ask is that 3.5mm mic jacks now often are “quadpolar” inputs; what I mean is that they can also be used with smartphones and other newer equipment, and thus are longer than the “standard” stereo input jack. Please do not try to jam or force a too-long jack into a standard audio socket; this could cause damage to your laptop.

I’m no sound engineer, but let me ask you these two questions:

  1. Does the jack fit snugly and all the way into the laptop’s input socket? and

  2. Are there two or three black bands encircling the jack?

This Wikipedia article may help: (Scroll down to section 2.2 (Miniature Size) and below: please also read the General Use, Computer Sound, and PDAs and mobile phones sections and examine the various illustrations).


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