Audacity 2.2.2 Thousands of .au files in Google Drive trash??


A recent peculiar thing; my Google Drive reported itself as being nearly full, and when I went to the trash to empty it to free up space, I found thousands of tiny .au files sitting there, with names like “” and such. I spent about 20 minutes deleting them all (because Google Drive is a PITA that way), and regained about 2G of storage space…however, today when I went back it was full again. And each time I think I have deleted them all and go back a little later, there are more; it is like they are Mogwai spawning after being splashed with water.

Any ideas what could be causing this, or how to solve the problem? (GDrive is our company’s ecosystem; I could shift to Dropbox in the short term, but I don’t have the option of ditching Google.)

Thanks for any help anyone can give me!!

The little AU files are actual sound files. They are about 6 seconds snippets of a project. Pull them down and play a couple and see if you don’t get a clue what they are. This could be a challenge if multiple people are using the drive.

I predict (holding fingert to forehead) you are going to find they are snippets of a project for someone using Google drive as the cache system in Audacity (by accident), or saving a Project not understanding that Projects are Not One File.

This is a Project.

That _DATA folder has all the little snippets in it. Double click the AUP file and it should open Audacity and unpack all those little snippets into your show. If you do find the _DATA folder or the AUP file, they should have the name of the show. You can trace it back that way.

Hello!?! Whose show is called “MYMusic?”

As above, somebody may be using the drive as the cache system.

Audaxcity > Preferences > Directories.

That should probably be a local drive, not a cloud drive.