Audacity 2.2.2 and IQaudIO Codec+

Hello everybody.
I am new in this forum and I don*t have experience in audacity. My goal is to record some of mz old vinyl LPs.
So I got an IQaudio Pi-Codec+ board and I cannot get to work with Audacity.
Hardware is Raspberry Pi4 running Raspbian 10, Kernel is 4.19.97.
When I try to just play an MP3 file it is reporting “Error opening audio device. Try to change audio host, output device and sampling rate”.
Audio host is alsa, output device is set to IQaudIOCodec and sampling rate is set to 44100. It is running fine with mplayer, vlc, youtube etc…
Can anybody give me advice in that issue?

As a test, see if you can record with arecord.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Success, I could record with “arecord -d 5 -D plughw -f U8 sample.mp3”. Just 5 s for the test.
And I could output it with "aplay sample.mp3.
The command “arecord -L” is showing 5 PCM devices related to the PI-Codec which I cannot see in Audacity.
The devices are: sysdefault, dmix, dsnoop, hw and plughw.
i hope that helps.

We need to try and match up the names of devices.
Please post the output from these commands:

arecord -l

(final character is lower case “L”)

aplay -l

(final character is lower case “L”)

aplay -L

When posting the output from each command, click the “</>” button and post the data between the “code” tags like this:

[> code> ]
paste the output here…
[/> code> ]

Also, the output from Audacity’s “Audio Device Info…” (see: