Audacity 2.2.1 and Mac OS 10.12.6

I purchased a new device for converting old music and voice CASSETTE tapes to digital files.
I downloaded the newest Audacity software (see subject line).
I am committed to figuring this out; but so far I am clueless as to why my computer will not even recognize that I have the device plugged in via the mini usb to USB cable to my Mac.

I suspect that IF I my computer will recognize the ‘super usb cassette capture’ device I MAY get somewhere.
Please help me get this equipment working. I purchased it new from Amazon and its states that it will work on Mac OS.
If this is futile because I have Sierra please let me know; I will return the device.
Thank you, Virginia

It should show up in System Preference > Sound > Input as “USB AUDIO CODEC”.
Maybe this page will help.
– Bill