Audacity 2.2.0

I’m using 8.1 on a Dell laptop Inspiron with a terabyte of storage and 16 gigs of RAM. My question has to do with speed. THe improvements and themes are great but I prefer the original color scheme simply because that’s the theme I am most familiar with as I began to increase my facility with the program. The new version seems very slow in executing commands. Most of my storage is unused, and I usually don’t have a ot of stuff running which would slow down my computer. I’'m NOT all that technically savvy about sophisticated sound production and recording, working mainly in audiobook production.

As I was trying to ferret out all the new stuff and the cool interface, I accidentally activated the field shown in my example and I haven’t found a way to get rid of it. I don’t know the importance of what it’s trying to tell me or the two choices it presents. Please help me!
Screenshot (98).png

The “Low and High Frequencies” thing, is called “Spectral Selection Toolbar”. It is only relevant when using one or more of the three “Spectral” effects.
To turn it off:
“View (menu) > Toolbars”
and either un-select the “Spectral Selection Toolbar” option, or click on “Reset Preferences” (both are in the same menu:

To change to the old style “Classic” theme:
“Edit menu > Preferences > Interface”
and select “Classic” as the theme (

This is closer to the original colour-scheme …

Thanks, Steve…I’m still having to learn Audacity on the fly while working with it at the same time.