Audacity 2.1.3 dmg File Size Discrepancy

Hello, I just downloaded the latest version of Audacity 2.1.3 for Mac OS X.
The dmg file SHA-256 was correct, and the virus scan was clear on VirusTotal. However, the downloaded dmg file size is 34,280,783 bytes (34.3 MB on disk), but the Audacity website says it should only be 32.69 MB, includes help files. Just curious if it’s safe to install?

If the SHA-256 shown on VirusTotal matches with what Audacity and FossHub say it is, then it is safe and correct. You can also recheck the SHA-256 on your Mac in the Terminal:

shasum -a 256 <file name>


It’s good to report anomalies…

But in this case, I think it is just the difference in counting bytes. Apple started counting 1 K bytes as 1.000 bytes. Other OS’es count this as 1.024 bytes. Hence the difference.

I don’t remember exactly when Apple started doing this. Lion? Mountain Lion?