Audacity 2.1.2 freezes upon playback and import.

I have downloaded the latest version of Audacity. I’m using Win 10. All sound card drivers are up to date.

Upon making a microphone recording (which produces a visual waveform), I attempt to playback, but Audacity becomes “non-responding”, for as long as I am willing to wait…

Upon attempting to import a pre-recorded WAV file, the import becomes “non-responding”, for as long as I am willing to wait…

I have rebooted, twice, and the result is the same.



Did you obtain it from Even if you did, I suggest you reinstall it and enable the “Reset Preferences” checkbox that appears half way through installation. When you launch Audacity, confirm that you want to reset preferences.

Assuming it’s a branded computer like Dell or Lenovo, the drivers for the built-in device are only up to date if you obtained them directly from the computer manufacturer.

If you upgraded to Windows 10 from previous Windows on the same machine, it would be very important that you went to the computer manufacturers’ site to check for Windows 10 drivers for your computer model.

Likewise if you have an external sound card like SoundBlaster, you must seek Windows 10 drivers for it, if available.

If the problems continue after resetting preferences and reviewing drivers if necessary, please go to Analyze > Generate Support Data… and generate a debug report then attach the zip file. Please see here for how to attach files:

Also have you installed extra security software on your computer? Might it be monitoring Audacity?