Audacity 2.1.2 Crashing on Windows 10 [SOLVED]

Hello everyone! I’m a game developer and longtime casual user of Audacity; I am sonorizing a project right now, and met with some problems. The version I used came with a strange bug, as each file it loaded was of silence (it previously worked just fine), so I decided to uinstall that version, and install the newset version of Audacity, 2.1.2.

The problem is, that version is not working for me either. Trying to load any type of file (I tried .wav, .mp3, and .ogg) resulted in the program crashing while loading it. I tried to load by dragging it to the program, by using both the “Open” and “Import” options, and by right-clicking the files and selecting “Open in Audacity”, and all of these methods resulted in the same crash.Also, I tried recording sound, and then, when trying to play it, it also ended with a crash.

| searched the web and saw no solution at all to these specific issues, and this project I’m working is very close to launch, sound effects being its last component. I would very much appreciate any solution to this!

The version I used came with a strange bug, as each file it loaded was of silence (it previously worked just fine)

I’d like to revisit that. What changed? You must have some idea. You’re not a fluffy new user. You’ve been using Audacity successfully and you did the Win 10 update, by any chance? Windows 10 is not an update. It’s a new OS and it can demand different drivers, support software, and in some cases hardware. Check with your hardware maker, not Microsoft.

Another possibility is trying to use multiple sound programs and Audacity. Game Development, The Game, Skype, Google Chat, Audacity. In a struggle for connection to sound services, Audacity is going to lose.

Reinstalling Audacity doesn’t reset Audacity. Audacity keeps preferences and settings in a different place so you don’t have to completely setup the program when you do an update.

I’ll be looking for how to fix that now.


See if there’s anything in here.

I remember. The Windows installer will ask you if you want to retain the old settings. Say no.


Just to clarify, I have been using Audacity before on Windows 10, I did not updated my OS; my older version of Audacity was 2.0, if I recall, and due to the problem I mentioned, I installed the newer version in hopes that it would solve it. I though it would be due to memory, but I closed all my programs, and used only Audacity when experiencing the crashes; I also deleted the file which I previously installed Audacity, in order to make a clean reinstall.

That said, I tried reinstalling Audacity while redefining my preferences, like you suggested, and now it works perfectly! I have no clue what change the inner workings of the program, but I’m glad it is working again. Thanks for the help!