Audacity 2.1.1 not splitting tracks properly in Yosemite

I’m not sure if I am doing something wrong or if it is this version of Audacity. I’m trying to split a live recording into separate tracks. I use “add label at selection” for each of the 20 songs, then export multiple as flac. Before upgrading to this version this would give me each song as a separate track. What I get now is hard to explain but let me try. Now I get all 20 tracks but when I play them back I get each song followed by a long blank audio section that goes to the end of the original recording. So Track 1 is 45 minutes long (the length of the original live track) that has 4:55 of song and the rest blank audio. Track 2 is approx 40 minutes long with 3:45 of song and the rest blank audio. Each track has the right song but is followed by progressively shorter amount of blank audio as it gets nearer the end of the original recording. So it’s like Audacity is splitting each track by starting at the label and going to the end of the recording instead of to the next label. Make sense? Any help would be appreciated.

Please try following


That is what I am doing. In the past it has worked fine. Now I’m getting them split as I initially described. Could it be some setting I’m missing? Anybody have any other ideas?

Uninstalled 2.1.1 and found an older version (2.0.4). Did same process and it worked fine. Not sure if it’s some bug in the new release or not.

If it is, obviously we would like to fix it, but you would need to give us exact steps so that we could reproduce the problem. The procedure works for me with 2.1.1 in Yosemite.

I can’t see what you might be doing wrong that would cause Audacity to ignore following labels, assuming you have one label track and one audio track.

Could you post a screenshot of your layout? Do View > Fit in Window and View > Fit Vertically. Hold COMMAND and SHIFT and 4 on your keyboard, SPACE, then click the Audacity window. This gives you a screenshot on your Desktop. Attach the screenshot for us: How to attach files to forum posts.


Thanks for your response. I can’t take a screenshot of what I was doing because I uninstalled the version that was giving me the trouble. I was able to do what I wanted to do with the older version.

That doesn’t matter if in 2.0.4 you can recreate the exact same layout you were using in 2.1.1.

Or if you feel like giving us exact steps we’ll try them. If Audacity 2.1.1 is at fault it may be something subtle, so you would need to be very detailed with your steps.

Are you using one Audacity audio track, one Audacity label track, and “point” labels created where you click in the track, or “region” labels created where you drag a region in the track?


I’ve attached a screenshot of the version that worked for me- 2.0.4

I’ll try to describe what I did as best I can. This is a live concert recording that had an intermission so there are 2 audio files that I lined up to treat as one. I imported each using the “file >open” command. I left the “snap to” unchecked. In the new version I remember trying it with each of (I believe) were 3 options (nearest, etc). I changed it to CDDA frames(75fps). I’m not exactly sure what this does but saw it in instructions for settings in an even earlier version of Audacity I used to use. I know I left this at the default with the 2.1.1 version the first time I tried to export (I think it was just hh:mm:ss). Starting at the beginning of the recording I chose “add label at selection” and continued to do that between each song. I then went to “export multiple”, chose FLAC as the format and exported the files.

Hope this helps. Thanks for your persistence with this issue.
Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 7.58.08 PM.png

Thanks for the screenshot. I can partially reproduce the problem - the exports are wrong for the files relating to the labels up to and including the last label for the first Audacity track. The wrong exports include audio ending at that last label.

The exports seem correct for the remaining labels. I was using less labels than you, not a replica of your project.

The tutorial only uses one audio track. If you were to select both audio tracks in your project and Tracks > Mix and Render to one audio track, you should not have the problem any more.

I think we had another example of something this recently. I will look that one up too then post a bug report.

Thanks for letting us know.