Audacity 2.1.1 in win 10

I followd step by step the suggestions to upgrade the divices and have put the correct settings. Still Audacity does’nt work. What can be the problem.
I Use audacity 2.1.1 and AVG pro.

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If you have not already done so, please follow Solutions if Audacity does not see any audio devices.

If that did not help, and you don’t want to use Audacity 2.0.3, please give us exact information about what happens when you say Audacity doesn’t work.

If you do have some devices listed in Device Toolbar, please post the content of Help > Audio Device Info… .


I still get the message interial portaudio error

We don’t have enough information to help you. What exactly have you tried so far on Solutions if Audacity does not see any audio devices?

What is the make and model number of the computer? Did you upgrade this computer to Windows 10 over another version of Windows, if so, what version?

Are you connecting any external audio devices to the computer, if so, what are the makes and model numbers of those devices?

Also please click in the Windows search box (bottom left of your computer), type “dxdiag” (without the quotes) then open dxdiag.exe that appears in the search result. Save the information as a file then attach the file to your reply. Please see here for how to attach files:


First I upgraded my win 7 to win 10. Several problems (wrong messages, unable to go on interenet etc.) forced the shopkeeper to reinstal win 10. He took backups.
I have two soundcards: a Realtek and a creative one. Since Windows 10 is reinstalled The creative soundcard is recognised but does’nt work anymore even when my speakers are connected and the software of the soundcard is set as default speakers. (in Windows 7 I Always used the Creative souncard where Audacity worked to my utmost satisfaction.)
I looked for upgrades and installed them - No result. The Realtek soundcard is now connected and works perfectly with the logiteck speakers. Only by opening Audacity the message of sounderror apears - It is also inpossible to fill in some issues in the preferecne tab “devices”.
I hope you can get ferther with this information. ('I’m not used to write in English.)
DxDiag.txt (88.4 KB)

Thanks, Paul. I also need (as I said) the make and model number of the computer. Also dxdiag does not state the exact model name or number of the SoundBlaster device so I need that as well.

Given Sound Blaster does not currently work at all on your computer I suggest we try first to get Audacity working with the Realtek device on its own. So remove SoundBlaster from your computer (if it connects by USB cable) or find it in Windows Device Manager, right-click over it and “Disable” it.

Then restart the computer (Windows key + X, choose “Restart”). Then launch Audacity. Does Audacity recognise the Realtek devices now?

If Audacity does not recognise the Realtek with SoundBlaster disconnected or disabled , please tell us if this a branded computer from Dell, HP, Lenovo or similar and the model number of the computer. If it is a branded computer then you would look on the web site of the computer manufacturer for Windows 10 drivers for your Realtek sound device. Or is the computer put together from parts made by different manufacturers?

Using the information from dxdiag I can identify the chip number of the Realtek device as “1Device Ses GigabyteTeh” - see the first item in the list “Device ID 0x0889” on So I assume you have a Gigabyte motherboard, but please let us know whether this is a branded computer.

Regarding the SoundBlaster, it seems to be using unofficial “PAX drivers by Robert McClelland”. Is there a reason you want to use those drivers? I suggest you visit and look at the chart for your exact SoundBlaster model to see if there are official Windows 10 drivers for that model.

If there are no Creative drivers, or if you must use PAX drivers, I suggest you ask here:


I tried to disable Soundblaster but got a warning that my other account could get troubles. So I searched deeper and found thanks to your advise about Soundblaster that Creativ and Soundbaster as well were mentioned under Audacity. I disabled the Creativ one and now it works perfect.
I am very, very thankfull for your help and spending time. I also learned a lot of my computer because I 'm not a nerd…
Kind Greatings.

Hi Paul,

So if I understand correctly, you were able to get both SoundBlaster and Realtek recognised by Audacity, but SoundBlaster does not play audio even in Windows Media Player because you cannot find Windows 10 drivers for it?

I don’t have any other ideas about SoundBlaster given I don’t know the model number - if you wanted to, you would have to try the links I gave.