Audacity 2.0 can't find lame 3.99.5

I have just installed Audacity 2.0. Am trying to follow how to install Lame encoder dll. I think I almost had it. From it’s folder I moved the dll into the Audacity base folder in Windows > Program Files

Record in Audacity opened right up and with 2.0 showed both channels going.
then my test file produced the error that Lame 3.99 is out of date.

Also, why does the output graph look upside down?

Well, back the Lame. I have looked at the install FAQ and have become confused. I could not see where or how the lame.exe opened to get the install to Audacity completed whether 3.99 or anything else. Clicking on the Lame icon simply winks but does not open. Consider this my first post here. The forum looks pretty new yet.

As to using search, I was never any good a picking key words.

I managed to find a pdf with some instructions but have still failed.

The pdf says go to

audacity > edit > preferences (at bottom) and do something with a file preference tab. The preferences setup box does not show anything related to files but shows ‘preferences:devices’ at the top of form.

There are lots of versions of Lame on the Internet and most will not work with Audacity.
Remove your current version of Lame, then follow the instructions here:

The basic 4 steps listed for Windows should be all that you need.
When you go to the Lame download page, ensure that you follow the instructions closely and download from the text link that says “Lame_v3.99.3_for_Windows.exe”

You have old instructions.

How to install LAME:

If Audacity does not automatically detect the LAME encoder, go to the Libraries section of Preferences:

and click the “Locate” button.

– Bill

Ok, If i read your first post correctly then you are trying to manually open Lame. If so then that is one of the problems, Audacity will call and open Lame.exe when it needs it.

Google the following name. After you D/L it you will run it. it will ask for a folder to install it in. the default is C:Program FilesLame for Audacity. do not change that. Then run Audacity and it should work fine. The user does not open the file, Audacity does that automatically


Good Luck


Maybe some clarification is needed and I’ll reread these posts when I’m fresher.

Audacity shows a ‘location’ for Lame and program asks to browse to it. Trying that didn’t get me to c:/ (anything related to it.)

Problem is I haven’t seen the lame****.exe.

Will begin again tomorrow.

Is your link clearly to the .exe? I have the zipped file and always wonder if things get opened correctly

Sorry that was not a link. it is what you need to google or bing to get to the link. once you D/L that. then you will double clik on it and it will install. I hope that is what you really need I am a novice on the board, i do not work with the Staff. just an old man that put in 20 years as a CSR and found out that some times the really smart people will get a little technical with people that are new to a program. I do not mean any disrespect to anyone with that statement.

Last thing today I dl’ed the LAME 3.93 installer.

Maybe the instruction was confusing to me earlier because I mouse with my left hand and
left click feels foreign when I read it.

I have the installer on the desktop.

If I go to Audacity and find that Lame box with the browser button next to it, then I should browse to the location on the desktop, yes?

Also I find that the VIA HD Audio Deck is confusing and would like to get rid of it. That’s the program/player which installs as part of the onboard audio.

Here’s all my components:

System under discussion

AMD Athlon II x3 450 Regor 3.2 Ghz
MSI 880GM-E41 mainboard
Kingston DDR3 Hyperx/fb 2x2Gb
Seagate Baracuda 160Gb IDE HD
Logisys 480w Power supply
USB mouse
corded keyboard
using onboard video by ATI

If you D/L’ed the installer the just double click on it and it will install to the right place. I do not know anything about the other devices that you have on your system.
double click on the installer and let it do it’s work


Will do. I’ll report back. I appreciate your taking time with this.

BTW for anyone reading the above thread questions, I found a source for getting rid of
VIA HD Audio Player, but I haven’t tried it. I only would after a good backup in case of problems.
Here that is:

[Link to dubious “security” web site removed]

Again, please make a secure backup before trying this as I haven’t check it.

The correct and recommended way to uninstall audiodeck is by uninstalling from the Windows Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP) or Programs and Features (Windows 7/Vista).


From what you say it has been accomplished with no harm done.
The description of the uninstaller at the site mentions that it cleans registry entries as well. But for safety I would try through Windows first.

I have had success.
Using the recommened installer allows me now to record from line in internet audio stream and export to mp3.

Now I think I need to fix the recording time length. Audacity as installed did not stop and say ‘time is up’ but I want to be able to set recording length at an hour or more for news.

See here:


Maybe I’m getting my programs mixed up. I own Goldwave as well and also fixed LAME in that program (I haven’t used it for a long time relying on Audiograbber for these things.)

Is there not a numeric value to give to Audacity in a like manner to Goldwave? GW is set for 1 hr 20 mins in one of it’s dialog boxes.

I’ve no idea what Goldwave does as I don’t use it.
In Audacity, if you want to record for a specific period, use Timer Record.
Normally with Audacity you would just press stop (or spacebar) when you want the recording to stop rather than using the Time Record feature.

If that’s the case I would be doing manual stops anyway. What made me ask was that one of the first things I did with Audacity was use the noise sample to make a file for audio speaker break-in. I thought that short sample length had to be adjusted. Because I didn’t know any better, I took the short sample and put it on continuous loop (repeat) using VLC.