Audacity 2.0.6 on Mac OS 10.6.8 can't find LAME

I have installed LAME but Audacity doesn’t detect it when I try to export as MP3. I followed instructions below:

Audacity should detect LAME automatically when you export as MP3. If Audacity cannot find LAME:
-Click Audacity > Preferences then choose “Libraries” on the left.
-Click “Locate…” under “MP3 Export Library”, then “Browse…” in the “Locate Lame” dialog.
-The “Where is libmp3lame.dylib?” window will open at /usr/local/lib/audacity; select “libmp3lame.dylib”, click “Open” then “OK” and “OK”.

everything seems fine until the last step, when the “Open” button is not clickable in that final window. I am wondering if my operating system is too old to support LAME properly? I cannot upgrade it as the computer is from 2006. Trying to understand if I can use audible to export MP3’s or if i need new equipment. Any suggestions? Thanks!

CORRECTION: I wrote “audible” instead of “audacity” in the last line, should read: Trying to understand if I can use AUDACITY to export MP3’s or if i need new equipment.

You have to click on “libmp3lame.dylib” then “Open” should ungrey. If it doesn’t ungrey then probably Mac permissions are locking you out.

If that’s the case, follow these alternative instructions to download the zip version of LAME that you can put where you like:

If you put libmp3lame.dylib in the same folder where you have Audacity, then Audacity should see it without you having to press “Locate…”.