Windows XP, Professional Version 2002, Service Pack 3; Audacity 2.0.5, Lame-3.993, FFmpeg-v0.6.0.2, obtained from .exe installer; desktop computer (2002); 1.4 GB of free space from total of 20.8 GB in Local Disk (C:) and 16.3 GB of free space from total of 16.4 GB in Local Disk (D:)
The objective is to save, install and operate Audacity 2.0.6 with the latest versions of Lame and FFmpeg from SourceForge on Drive D: Can this be done and will it work the same as on Drive C:?
Audacity 2.0.5 was installed and saved on Drive C: The saved part has been moved to Drive D: and is in a folder in My Music (Drive D:>My Documents>My Music> folder containing Aucacity 2.0.5, Lame and FFmpeg). Lame and FFmpeg were installed and saved on Drive C: and the saved part has been moved to Drive D: I believe that I cannot move an application from one drive to another and therefore I have to uninstall what is now on the computer and reinstall the new versions on Drive D:, if possible.
I propose to:

  • From the Control Panel uninstall Audacity 2.0.5, Lame and FFmeg
  • Delete Audacity 2.0.5, Lame and FFmpeg from it’s folder in My Music
  • From SourceForge install and save Audacity 2.0.6, Lame and FFmeg on Drive D:
    Any comments would be appreciated.
    As an aside, i plan to uninstall Microsoft Office 2003 from the computer and dedicate the computer to my work with Audacity; trusting that this will have no impact on Audacity.
    Thank you

Make sure you follow and Don’t download download LAME or FFmpeg from SourceForge. They don’t have compatible downloads of those libraries.

Get Audacity directly from the links on

That should be largely OK (see above about where to download from).

Audacity, LAME and FFmpeg will offer to install to the previous paths on C: so you will have to change the desired installation folder.

Note that any other standard users on your computer may not be able to modify any folders in the Audacity installation folder if you put it in your own user space. For those users it will be as restrictive as putting it into C:Program Files.

By default, installing Audacity 2.0.6 will not change its temporary folder location from what it is now. Resetting Preferences in the Audacity installer will force the temp location into your own user space in C: . I strongly suggest setting a temp folder location in D: because you are short of space on C: - you can Edit > Preferences… and choose “Directories” on the left to change Audacity’s temporary folder location.


I was able to create a new folder in My Music on drive D: and save Audacity 2.0.6 in that folder. Before and after I started to run Audacity 2.0.6, I could not see any pathway to direct the program to drive D: or to D:/Program Files. I cancelled the run because I assumed it would go to the default C:/Program Files. I have not done anything further to install Lame or FFmpeg.
The objective is to save, run and operate Audacity,Lame and FFmpeg on drive D:, if that is possible.
I would appreciate any direction and/or advice on how to do this.
Thank you

If you installed or pasted Audacity into D: then that is where it is installed or pasted. It is not installed in D:Program Files or C:Program Files. If you do not accept that, then you will need to install it normally in C:Program Files.

What do you mean by you cannot “see any pathway to direct the program to drive D”? You installed it on D: or pasted it into D: - I am not sure which you did when you say you saved it there.

If you used the installer for LAME and FFmpeg then Audacity should still find those.

Note that you don’t save more than about 20 MB of space on C: by installing Audacity on D: - what matters for space is the location of the Audacity temporary directory. You could consider changing the Audacity temporary directory to D: and reinstalling Audacity in C:Program Files.