Audacity 2.0.5 8 bit wave format[SOLVED]


I am currently using a windows 8, with audacity version 2.0.5. I am struggling to find a way of recording in the form (WAV microsoft 8 bit PCM) to be compatible in an animating programme called Jlipsync. I am trying to mimic instructions on a video, ,which is cleary using an outdated version of audacity. how may I resolve this problem, is there such an option in the latest versions of audacity?

Forget the video, that version of Audacity is ancient.

To export as 8 bit PCM WAV, use “File > Export” and select “other uncompressed files” as the format. Then click the “Options” button and select “WAV Microsoft” as the header and “Unsigned 8 bit” as the “Encoding”.
More info in the manual here:

Steve, you are the man! That is my problem solved in literally seconds, you deserve a medal seriously. I tried it there and it works :smiley: thanks Steve. you have made my day, I can now continue animating.