Audacity 2.0.0 and MP3Gain

I am running Windows 7 and Audacity 2.0.0 and was going to download the MP3 Gain program but the site says it is for version 1.2.5. Will it work w/ 2.0.0 without problems?



Which “MP3 Gain program” is that? Download it from where?

The one from


MP3Gain is a standalone program. It has nothing to do with Audacity.

Ok, thanks.


You can check levels of Audacity mp3 export projects in mp3Gain.

You can adjust the level then and there with mp3 gain or do the following:

If your mp3Gain setting is 90db for sake of argument and the mp3 export is analyzed at 97.5 you know you need to amplify the track in Audacity minus 7.5 db and reexport it should be correct.

Problem is mp3 gain adjusts in steps of 1.5dB up or down, so it might end up at 89.5 or 90.5 if you adjust it there. Audacity you can amplify it exactly.

So MP3 Gain version 1.2.5 will work with Audacity 2.0? I was afraid it wouldn’t work w/the newer version of Audacity.


So MP3 Gain version 1.2.5 will work with Audacity 2.0? I was afraid it wouldn’t work w/the newer version of Audacity.

TheKMan did not say that MP3Gain works with Audacity. He said you can use MP3Gain to analyze the MP3 exports from an Audacity project, look at the numbers it gives you, go back to your Audacity project, apply the appropriate gain, then export again.

– Bill

Thanks. All this is new to me and I’m quite lost.


side note [windows xp]: My experience with mp3Gain was NOT good. Well I was never able to download it! - and I’ve downloaded freeware before, so I don’t think I did anything wrong. When the download failed the message noted it could be a virus [?]. So I searched my computer for what may have downloaded and found a file “mp3gain-win-1_2_5.exe” and deleted that sucker! -and my computer did seem to go through a little ‘turbulence’ since, but I think my Microsoft Security Essentials fixed, if related[?]. Anyway, another thing is I could find little to no info on mp3gain when doing a search [bing of course] (pro or con). So I assume it is an old freeware program, not updated, or something!? -or maybe not free[?] Regardless–problematic for me (windows xp?). Yes and I figured “sourceforge” was somehow connected with Audacity and thus would be a good experience, as Audacity has been. The claims, I could find, sounded good (for “mp3gain”) but failed for me. --I do have “Mp3DirectCut”, which is probably basically the same, and has been NO problem, downloading and utilizing. My need was to bring the volume/gain levels down on some of my [studio-released] mp3’s without degrading (re-encoding) them through a full edit like Audacity, and “Mp3DirectCut” does that fine. Also I am suprised that some studios seem to release mp3 downloads with gain levels above -0- i.e., clipping! - and even though these excessive levels may mean damage-already-done [?] --the decrease in volume is an improvement.

Ok, Marsha, let’s step back away from all this technicality. It confuses me sometimes, too!

Square one: what do you want to use Audacity for? To record an instrument that you play? To record your own voice? To record services at your local church? If you have several ideas in mind, tell us the one that you’re going to tackle first. You may not need any extra software to do whatever you want to do.