.aud format to wav or mp3 conversion

I have a cockpit voice recorder audio file in .aud format. I am neither unable to play nor to convert it. Can anybody help me on it.

Audacity used to use “.aup” files, NOT “.aud” files. I would start by searching for an online ".aud " file converter.

Note that if you have an “aup” file, you may be out of luck. Unlike the new “.aup3” unitary file, the old “.aup” file contains simply pointers to hundreds of snippets of audio contained within a _data directory and underlying sub-directories . There is no audio contained within the .aup file itself.

Thanks for the reply but I have tried everything online. Looks like file is encrypted by the manufacturer and will work with the softwares used by them only.

I assume you have the hardware to play it?

If so, you can record it. If there’s a headphone jack you can connect it to line-in (usually blue) on a regular soundcard. If you have a laptop with no line-in you’ll need a USB audio interface with line-in.

Otherwise, you can record it with a microphone.

…I can understand why they don’t want anybody tampering with the original files.

Actually I download data from crash prorected recorder in digital file. I have two option to download data one is fast in .aud format second very slow in wav format. Data downloading software does the conversion from aud to wav while downloading file (Not possible to convert once downloaed in .aud format. ).
That is why I was thinking to download in .aud format quickly and convert it later. But I think it is not possible as some encryption is there.
Thanks for your reply.

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