Attempting to replicate the boost filter in Sonic games (Windows 11, Audacity 3.0.2)

First off, if this is in the wrong category, please tell me. This is my first post.

Anyways, I’m attempting to make mods to Sonic the Hedgehog games, with some of these mods involving replacing the stage music. Starting with Unleashed, Sonic’s boost is audibly conveyed with a filtered version of the track, and modding the music means having regular and boost versions. Problem is, it’s been tough to figure out how to replicate the audio filter to accurately recreate the filter. The best I (and other people in the Sonic modding server I’m in) can do is a phaser effect but looking at the spectrogram it’s clear that it sounds way past different. Is there a way to replicate it more accurately?
what i get.jpg
i want this.jpg

As you are using Windows, here is perfect :slight_smile:

Please post a short sample of each of those sounds, preferably in WAV or FLAC format (See:

(all music in these files belong to their respective copyright owners)

You can get it closer by:

  1. Use the Graphic EQ to boost the low frequencies (50 Hz to 1000 Hz range).
  2. Use a compressor and / or limiter to increase the loudness (and reduce the dynamic range).

For 1, use the “Plot Spectrum” tool (in the Analyze menu) as a guide.
For 2, you may need to apply compression with a fast attack / release, and a limiter. Use the “Contrast” tool to measure the RMS (average) level and compare with the Game Rip version.

I’ve only got my laptop’s built-in (rubbish) speakers to listen on right now, so no idea how this will sound on proper speakers / headphones, but here’s a quick attempt:

Looks like 2 doses of flanging with different settings.
Blue Cat has a free chorus plugin which does flanging …

free Blue Cat chorus plugin (on the right).png