Attempting to record Vinyl

At a loss. Can anyone make further suggestions:

  1. I have the same problem with a MAC and with a windows laptop [each loaded with Audacity]
  2. I have tried recording via a Rega fono device and through a separate pre-amp and DAC.
  3. In each case Audacity recognises “USB audio codec” as soon as I plug the lead in
  4. In each case I have selected/activated/allowed permission in security, for Audacity to see the USB input and the laptop to use the USB codec as its sound input. I have also checked the settings in ‘preferences’ as per all available advice.
  5. In each case with the Rega device I get nothing - just a flat line - no sound in Audacity.
  6. Using the separate pre-amp and DAC I get the same + a bit of a hum. With the separates on the Mac I’ve also had “Internal portAudio error”
  7. I have used both the pore-amp and the DAC before [digitising cassettes] so I know they work. The Rega device is new but powers up ok and I assume that if it was dead neither version of Audacity would recognise the USB lead as “audio codec”.

I have also previously used Audacity successfully to record CDs. And I have the latest 3.1.3 version of Audacity.

So, before I give up and spend * knows how much on buying CDs to replace my vinyl, any further suggestions?