Attemping to initialize the following effect failed

Hello, I was using audacity 2.3.2 because of old habits but I recently installed the newest version and thefirst time I tried to use the plugin “SPITFISH de-esser” I got this message, I tried redownloading etc. but I couldn’t figure it out.

That appears to be a 32-bit plug-in so you’ll need to install the 32-bit version of Audacity.

The newest version of Audcaity for Windows is avaiable in 32 & 64 bit … Audacity download latest version

SpitFish is only available in 32-bit: it will only run on the 32 bit version of Audacity.

Desibilator plugin produces superior results to SpitFish and will run on all versions of Audacity.

The free & unlimited version of “t-de-esser-plus” could be used as a replacement for SpitFish
'T-De-Esser Plus' free VST [it comes in 32-bit & 64-bit flavours, Windows & Mac only].

ah thank you very much! such a dumb mistake i forgot