I do not understand the interface as regards attachments.

  1. I wanted to add some attachments (three small files).
    After doing so, I could not find the attechments.

  2. I so attachment icon on some forum label. That was not clicable.
    And inside the forum I did not found any attachment.
    (Though there was a picture - that was it, probably)

Sum: 0 attachments for me.

rnsc had similar problem recently*#p17738

Only certain file types are permitted as attachments.
.png .gif and .jpg are all OK, but I’m not sure what other file types are allowed.
.mp3 and .wav are not permitted.

To add an image file, click on the “Upload attachment” tab (below the message window) and use the “Browse” button to find the file on your computer. After selecting the file, click on “Add the file” button.

Unsupported file types will result in an error message “The extension xxx is not allowed” (where xxx is the file extension).

When the image has uploaded there will be a button option to “Place inline”. You can also add a note to accompany the image.

You will then see something like this in your text:


If you then click on the “Preview” button, you can see what your post will look like after you have posted it.

Thanks, I missed the error message somehow.
And aha, they are not attachments it the general sense, only graphics files to enhance the posting, no nyquist scripts etc.

Generaly I have to say I needed 5 or 10 hours before getting general understanding of the forum interface
(from the point of viewing and organization).
In other words: My vote is to say this interface is not suitable for newcommers unless they are experienced with
such kind of forum software.

And I was missing (=did not understand) several days the basic rule:
If you are comming with a problem 1. search forum as much as you can 2. create NEW forum with your question.


How we can change icon in the topics list ? - there is one which is anoying - moving in forum f=12

And I still dont know, If I have a bug report (not necessarily personal problem) what should I do (if anything)? Tried three or four serious attempts different way and still not sure about the right-one.

(The first one was certainly wrong: got auto-answer “will get posted to the list, or you will receive notification” and nothing happend 8 days. The message itself is probably a bug. Audacity-bug is probably only out-interface of bugzilla.)

Seems audacity team supports well users that cannot select input device (regardless whether because they have no idea about Preferences dialog OR because it gets almost impossible sometimes)
but if I say “cancel button does not cancel, and it is probably because…”, nobody answers “this is a minor issue” “dont know, but XY certainly reads this list and perhaps next year we plan to check that part of src.” or “we know. dont bather us anymore.” or “wrong list, try at ZZ”.

I think, there could be more ‘half-competent’ feedback if it would recieve some elementary feedback.
How feedback to feedback is called, feedforward?
Audacity is not that bug-free somebody claims. It does not crash every other hour but I can not
say “sit down here, and press R and S as appropriate and if enything happens, just press Ctrl-M”
Must say: “if S does not work, try mouse. if mouse does not work, try Spacebar.”
and I have to check If there is correct Spacebar or wrong “Mezern~~i~k” in the preferences.
No, sorry, it is not as bad as it sounds, it is not meant to be used by a competent person and then
it works very well.

Audacity is a very nice software, surpricingly nice software, and it is worth support and care.

To post a nyquist plug-in, either upload it somewhere and post a link, or if you want the contents to be visible, use the “code” button above the text window. This will produce something like this:


You then copy and paste the code from the nyquist script between the tags like this:

Nyquist code goes


The result after you have posted will look like this:

Nyquist code goes

For help and general tips on how to use the forum software, click on the “FAQ” button a the top right corner of the web page.

I like that :smiley:

On the whole I would say that Audacity has very few “bugs”, but it depends to some extent on what you call a “bug”.
Consider if you are teaching someone to drive a car, but the driving lessons are conducted via messages on a forum. The user then gets mixed up between the accelerator pedal, the break pedal, and the gear stick, and applies them in the wrong order - they end up driving into a river… is that a bug?
Now if pressing the “break pedal” sometimes slows the car down, but if you press it on a Wednesday then the radio comes on, well I would say that was a bug.

Almost all questions on the English language forums receive responses, but as you are no doubt aware, this is a “user forum”. Everyone here are Audacity users, and fortunately there are a number of experienced users that regularly stop by to help new users. It is not like some big company that takes hundreds of dollars for each sale that can afford to pay staff to provide technical support, it is community driven.

Typically the kind of questions that do not get answers are “I have … hardware an it does not work. Can anyone help?”
Of course, this kind of question can only be answered by someone who also has that hardware. In many cases they will receive a response suggesting that they ask the hardware manufacturer, or perhaps offering some general advice about things to try that may work, but unless there is someone here that has the technical expertise for that particular piece of hardware there is little real help that can be given.

As you rightly notice, many of the common questions could be answered by the user looking at the official documentation Redirecting to: or doing a search on Google. This would then leave more time for the regular contributors to look at some of the more difficult problems.

Some of the Audacity developers do drop in from time to time, but personally I’m happy for them to spend most of their time developing Audacity rather than having to answer questions that we can sort out between ourselves.

Anyway, it’s good to see you around jan, and it’s good to see that you are also getting involved with the forum.