Attach 3.5 jack from input to output to record from music site

I would like to know if i can insert 3.5 mm jack, one end to headphone and another into mic and be able to record music playing on a site siilar to youtube (STN Beta app to be exact). If yes, are there certain setting that need to adjusted or changed.

No. A headphone or line output is about 100 times stronger than a microphone signal and the microphone input is mono. (That CAN work on a desktop/tower computer with a regular soundcard and a line-input, but you also need a Y-splitter to connect headphones or speakers at the same time).

You can usually “capture” (record) the sound internally. With Windows you can use WASAPI (loopback) as your Recording Device, and sometimes there are other options depending on your soundcard drivers.

Recording Streaming Audio Playing On The Computer

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