AT2020 USB Condenser Microphone


I just got my AT2020 USB Condenser Mic, but the quality is not as clear as other people have when I record it to Audacity. It sounds like headset mic.

Clear sounding audio with Audacity and AT2020 like this guy for example:

My question is, did I do anything wrong? Is the main problem from Audacity or the mic itself?

if you can attach ten seconds of the unsatisfactory audio to a post someone may be able to identify the problem by listening to the recording.

Oh yes, sorry, I forgot to give the link of the sound file!

Here it goes, it sounds like a cross between headset microphone and phone-talking voice:

I can hear what you mean.
Are you sure that you are set up to record from the AT2020 and not from a built in microphone on your laptop, or from an attached webcam?
(If you gently run a fingernail across the wire mesh grill on the microphone it should be recorded as a loud scratching sound)

Sorry for the very late reply.
Ah! I see! Maybe that’s my problem. I tried to run my fingernails across the wire, it does recorded as a loud scratching noise. Now the sound is very clear like I want to. Thank you for helping! I really appreciate it!