Assistance with Importing Audio to Specific Position

I’m currently using the latest version of Audacity on my Mac for a mixtape project. I am trying to import audio drops and effects directly to specific positions within my existing mix. However, when I import these audio files, they automatically go to the beginning of the track, and I have to manually move them to the desired position, which is quite cumbersome.

Could you please guide me on how to import audio directly to a specific position within a track? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Importing an audio file always puts the start at time=0
(unless using LOF files, but that is more complex, so I won’t go into that here).

Nevertheless, it need not be very cumbersome:

  1. Import the file (the file is imported)
  2. Double click on the new track to select it.
  3. “Ctrl + X” (cut the selected audio)
  4. Click on the track where you want the audio to start
  5. “Ctrl + V” (Paste)

With a bit of practice, this takes a couple of seconds.

Thanks, this method is better. I appreciate the guidance. I wish there was an option to copy a file on the computer and paste it straight to the selected section on a mix.

I agree that would sometimes be useful, though I think it could also be annoying at times. You would need to remember to place the cursor at the right position every time you import a file, rather than the waveform always being imported to a predictable and consistent position.

Note that Audacity has some additional tools for arranging clips. See: Tracks Menu: Align Tracks - Audacity Manual