Assign different inputs to different tracks?


I want to record 8 channels live using Audacity via ASIO4All as I have already compiled it.

Does Audacity actually support this?

I used to work with Steinberg Cubase AI 4.5, and, I could assign to send 16 channels at the same time coming from different inputs.

How do I do that here?

I have an 8 channel firewire rack by Avid, it is the 002 Rack, and, I’d like to use Audacity to be able to record all 8 channels live into Audacity stereo, all at the same time.

It’s a live band studio, and, we really need this.

Do I need software from Avid, or, could this be added as a feature to Audacity in the future?

Audacity can record multiple simultaneous channels if Device Toolbar sees a single device that offers multiple channels.

However you cannot choose exactly which channels to record and you cannot assign channels to tracks. Please see: which explains the Audacity limitations.

Digi 002 should have a native ASIO driver so you should not require the ASIO4ALL wrapper which will give you inferior latency compared to a native ASIO driver.

Make sure you have installed the “ Mar 8, 2011” Windows drivers from .

Digi 002 is meant for use with Pro Tools LE. Audacity has no explicit support for MBox and Digi.

What version of Windows are you using? Typically Avid products meant for ProTools require you to install the DigiDesign Wave Driver in order to work with software other than ProTools. Have you installed that?


I did read after posting this, but, it is very discouraging due to the fact that one can not assign channels to tracks. That is seriously needed as a feature.

I have installed the latest driver version for this board, however, it only lets me record two channels at a time as opposed to all 8 on 8 tracks, so, your recommendation for that driver is actually not of use. I even installed a newer version, and, it still behaves the same.

I do know that Digi 002 is meant for use with Pro Tools, however, the studio no longer has the digital media for it.

I thought that the version of Windows that I am using can be seen in my signature.

Windows XP Professional SP3 32 bit. I did install the Wave Driver, version 9.0.7 from the very link that you gave me.

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If you state what you have done already it saves everyone’s time.

If there is a “multi” input device in Device Toolbar you may be able to use that to record simultaneous channels.

But to repeat for you, Digi 002 is meant for ProTools LE and Audacity has no explicit support for proprietary Avid hardware. It may have been better to research before compiling Audacity.

As a suggestion, you could try Reaper. From what I can see from the Cockos Forums, using the Digi 002 ASIO driver and Digidesign Wave Driver on XP should let you record multi-channel using Reaper.


If you mean driver 9.0.7 from , then it says “Known Issue: Digi 002 Rack not supported”.

Hence I suggested “ Mar 8, 2011 For Digi 002 Rack and 003 Rack”.


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I know Audacity doesn’t have explicit support for proprietary Avid Hardware, but, you know how it is, these days, people just expect everything to work. It actually did end up working well and I can record 8 channels at once, it’s just that, it took me a week to make (sort of off and on), when it could have taken me 10, maximum 20 minutes.

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So there is a single device you can use in Device Toolbar then select eight channels in the box next to that?

It would be good to know because we rarely get feedback from people who try to use Avid hardware with Audacity, much less if they use Audacity compiled with ASIO support.

Really I think 20 minutes would be tough if you have never compiled programs before using Visual Studio, even with docs targeted at your OS and Service Pack.

I am not a programmer but I first built Audacity using docs that were worse than they are now, and without help, but it was very much “on and off over a few days”.