Asking questions

How do you ask a question on a topic? I am registered and logged on but it is extremely unclear where or how to ask a question.

If you’re reading this OK, look up toward the program logo and right under that you should see Board Index. Click that and you should be taken to a vertical listing of all the forum general headings. Pick the one closest to the problem or question and New Topic. Start Typing.

We live on fine details, so don’t use words like “the biggest” or “the latest.” Use actual numbers. For a while your postings will be delayed while one of the elves reads it to make sure you’re not trying to sell us anything.

Environment is good, too. What kind of computer have you got and which operating system? Which Audacity and don’t abbreviate the numbers?

I’m typing this on a Mac Mini under OS-X 10.9.5 and I use Audacity 2.1.0.

If you’ve used other forums, this one will seem like light speed to you. There are forum elves over many time zones and reply delay can be minutes or hours, not weeks as in other forums. So don’t post and go on vacation.

And don’t double post. All new posts come to our attention no matter where you put them.


Generally, if you have a question about, or a problem with using Audacity, you should post in the board relevant to your operating system - Windows, Mac OS X or Linux (these sections are clearly marked on the forum home page:

Go to the Windows / Mac OS X / Linux board as appropriate and read the pink box near the top of the page - that gives guidelines for the essential information that should be in your question - namely the exact version of Audacity that you are using, which version of Windows / OS X / Linux, and clear information about your problem.

The thing to remember is that no-one else can see your computer or what you are doing, so you must describe everything in detail. The clearer your question the more quickly we will be able to help.



This seems a relevant topic from my meta-question. I want bigger fonts, I use a 2560x1080 screen. I see the forum thread on this and it is locked.

It lead for a Wiki page that is locked. It point the forementioned forum thread.
search for “fonts”

What is the best to add my vote for the most craved feature?

I’m entirely sure what the fuss is. I use Chrome at +150% magnification and the forum is perfectly readable. I suspect many people do a variation on this. The only shortcoming I ever found was posting a screen capture. Usually from outside of the forum, it always arrives the wrong forum size (much too large).

Given the higher importance of other problems compared to this one, I suspect that’s why the thread petered out.