Quick question. I have completed a build of Audacity which includes ASIO. I have a pre-existing install of Audacity. Can I copy the binaries from my build (win\Release) to the previous install (Program Files (x86)\Audacity) or must I build an installer and do a fresh install?
Thank you!

Can I copy the binaries from my build (win\Release) to the previous install (Program Files (x86)\Audacity)

You may be able to do that and then just not tell anybody, but the way I understand it, compiling gives you One (1) instance of Audacity that you are absolutely not allowed to copy or share with anybody else.


Note that Program Files (X86) is for 32-bit builds and Program Files is for 64-bit builds.

Also, there are various .dll files and other files and subdirectories that need to be in the same directory.

For me, I just create a shortcut pointing to the build directory. :smiley:

So forking the GPL code, then compiling it, and then sharing it is the way to go ?

EDIT: (since i cant edit the previous post atm)

it seems to follow the regular rules of GPL
include the source code and the GPL agreement (no forking required)
Ok (not that i’m a coder)

question answered.

The problematic phrase in Steinberg’s license is “non-distributable” - that means that you can’t share the source code with anyone else, while at the same time Audacity’s GPL license says that if you are distributing Audacity (giving or selling to others), then you must provide the full source code, but you can’t legally do that because of the Steinberg part is non-distributable… Catch 22. Hence no ASIO builds unless you build it yourself, (exclusively) for yourself.