ASIO Channel Mapping/Routing

Hi, I just compiled 2.1.2 with Steinberg ASIO support and it works fine.

I work a Behringer X32 mixing board at church. It comes with the Windows USB driver. My objective is to use the ASIO and audacity to do virtual sound checks and to have a simulated environment for multiple inputs and outputs so that I can learn the board (we just got it) and play around with sound improvements and mixing. The input works great and I get all 32 channels into Audacity.

When I do output, it only goes to the first 2 channels. After reading manuals, help, and the forum, this appears to be the correct designed behavior for Audacity. But I would like to output via ASIO on multiple channels so that I have output to the board on the same multiple track channels just like the input so that I can practice and learn (and teach others) how to use different features of the board and work on stage monitor mixes, house mix, effects, etc.

Another software DAW I have tried can do routing and can map the tracks and channels, but my application and occasional use of of DAW doesn’t really merit that kind of solution.

Would like to add track and channel mapping as a feature request. I can see from posts that others have already asked for this, but I wanted to also request it as well as mention my application for using the request. If there is a certain .cpp module/library or something that someone has specs on that interfaces to ASIO, I might also be interested in taking a look at it. I am not a developer, but I have done some basics and can use a compiler.

If it is not too advanced of an undertaking, maybe I can do something ad-hoc? Since by licensing requirements I need to create my own build of Audacity with the Steinberg support (the instructions are great by-the-way for compiling with the ASIO support), perhaps I can make some simple change for output that will get me where I want to go?

I will count your vote for multi-channel output which seems to be the necessary precursor for your request.