Asio - built but copy what?

I have built Audacity with ASIO enabled and on the build machine, ASIO shows up as an input option. But if I copy “audacity.exe” to my laptop, it does not show up as an input option.
I am trying to just “patch” a non-Asio install directory (perhaps this is the wrong approach?)
Do I need to also copy some additional DLLs to the laptop?

One thing that was missing was that my laptop did not come with any ASIO drivers. I installed asio4all and then things worked with the following provisios:

  • I also copied all the DLLs from my build; not sure if I needed to but seemed like a sensible thing to do
  • asio4all doesn’t show the config panel until you are using it; by default it picked my internal soundcard so I had to start a recording, then find the control panel and select my external sound adapter separately
  • I switched the Audacity sample rate to 48kHz to match the external sound adapter
  • The input level controls are frozen at 100%, which I assume is because ASIO bypasses Windows processing so it recording the output “straight from the sound adapter”.