As a programmer, where exactely to start to help audacity

Hi all,
As it said in the subject of this thread i m beginner programmer in c++ level 01 and i want to bring my support to audacity because it’s free and i like it.
Can some one help by pointing where to start? I have reading some pages from audacity main page in the developers section but still i can’t find myself (
Please any help is welcome.

There’s some useful links on the Audacity wiki home page:

All development is currently on the 1.3 version of Audacity, so a good place to start is building Audacity from the CVS repository - see here

Audacity depends heavily on WxWidgets and it essential that you use an up-to-date build of WxWidgets.

Audacity is a large and complex program so it is worth spending some time just looking through it and reading up on the developers information. The “index” page for developer information on the wiki is here:

There is also a mailing list for developers that you can sign up to:
This is a moderately high volume list (probably worth just following the discussions for a bit before posting). The list is also published on Nabble

Thanks for answering.