Artificially Extending Last Note

I have a live recording of a choral piece that is interrupted by a cell phone going off about three quarters of a second
into the last note/chord. The note/chord is held, to fade out, for about six seconds.

Is there a way to extend this last note and chord (that doesn’t have the phone) using one of these versions of Audacity; I have Audacity ver. 133 on Vista Home Premium and version 123 on XPHome (SP2, all current updates). I have tried the repeat function with fade, but it’s a bit too choppy. I have two versions of the same recording. One is 16bit mono from a video camcorder currently sitting on the original tape and in uncompressed AVI on my Vista system, the other is in Super Bitmap? format from an inline CD recorder (Sony RCD-W500C). I have never been much of an audiophile until discovering Audacity. I enjoy learning all there is to learn using this software!

I would copy a part of the last chord without the cell phone. I would paste it into a new audio track and move it in that very place where the cell phone sounds. Then I would wipe out the cell phone using the envelope tool. Draw a nice fade out and fade in to get rid of the phone. Then draw the “negative” envelope to your new track, fading in and fading out exactly at the same place where the original track fades out and in.