Artifacts appear when I upload recordings into Audacity

Hello there!

So glad to find a place where I can learn from other Audacity users!!

I use Windows 10 and have Audacity version 2.2.2. I am a relatively new voice artist and only learned to record myself and use Audacity less than a year ago, but am very grateful it is free!

Recently, I have been having a problem with my narration work. I record with a Zoom H4n Pro, and listen to my work before I leave the recording booth. They sound perfect every time with no artifacts of any kind. As soon as I upload them into my documents and then transfer them to Audacity, artifacts appear… Does anyone have a clue why this may be happening? I would be so appreciative!! At this point, because I have jobs that are due each week, I have had to just re-record the sections with clicks and bumps and then splice them in. Thanks so much for this forum, and for any help you might be able to give me! Miki :slight_smile:

If you’re saving the audio edited in Audacity in MP3 format, that encoding process can add artifacts.
There are different quality-settings for MP3 … https ://
Maybe try a higher quality setting, (inevitably the audio files will be bigger if you do that).

We hope you’re using WAV, 16-bit, 44100 to record and transfer the work. Do Not do production in MP3.

Select a five to ten second damaged piece and post it on the forum.

Alternately, record a fresh test according to this formula.

Make sure it has some damage in it before you send it. You will be posting (probably) in stereo, two blue waves, so ignore where it tells you to convert to mono before submitting. Don’t go over ten seconds.