Are hotmail registrations banned??

I tried last night to register using a hotmail address, and never received the confirmation email. I had it resent, which also didn’t arrive, and at the same time double checked I’d entered my address correctly. I’ve checked my junk mail and still nothing has arrived.

This morning I used an address from a different domain, and the confirmation email arrived instantly.

Is there a ban on Hotmail registrations? If so, or if there are known issues maybe you could put an alert to Hotmail users within the sign up process? I was waiting for ages and desperate to make a post for Audacity help! :slight_smile:

There is no hotmail blocking and there are no known issues.

If you can give exact times (UTC) when you registered and asked for resend of the activation e-mail, possibly Buanzo could check the server logs.


Did you check in your hotmail spam box?

D90 said (s)he checked the “junk mail”.


Hmm, weirdly, I can’t find my original registration time in my browser history, from memory it was about 23.00 UTC on 5th Feb 2013.

I definitely did the resend (to the hotmail address) on 6th Feb 2013 @ 00.22 UTC.

Still never received anything in my spam box or inbox.

This is definitely a problem. I tried to register an account (“Soul Reaver”) a few days ago, and never received an email to the hotmail address I supplied - not in the inbox, nor in the Junk Mail. I asked for the email to be re-sent, and I still got nothing.

I registered THIS account (using a gmail address) after I made a third, failed attempt to re-send to my hotmail address in order to let you know of this problem. In all honesty though, I’d rather be using my (still inactive) “Soul Reaver” account than this one, both due to username and email address reasons.

To hopefully help with the investigation, I’ve asked the board to re-send the registration email for the “Soul Reaver” account a fourth time, at (more or less exactly) 6/3/2013, 9:22 am my time (which would be would be 5/3/2013, 9:22 pm UMT, I think).

Please investigate, I’d really like to register using my Soul Reaver username and hotmail email address.

Have you considered that Hotmail is being moved to and this is causing often reported problems for hotmail users? If you moved to now, you may have less problem.

Buanzo is away at the moment and cannot check server logs. But every time we do check something like this, the logs say the e-mails were sent.

In any case I already tested this soon after this thread started by registering a Forum account with a hotmail address.

So do you want me to activate “Soul Reaver” (so you can post using that account) and delete “Master Reaver”? Do you want Soul Reaver to have the hotmail or gmail address? Note that we cannot guarantee you will receive notification of Forum replies or similar if there is a problem with your hotmail account.


Yes, quite possible that the Outlook switching might be related in some way, since the switch seems to be causing some issues. I’m still getting emails from other places though. I’m reluctant to switch over to an address until I have to though, since I’ve seen various people reporting issues with the changeover process.

In any case, yes, please do activate the “Soul Reaver” account (and keep the associated address as the hotmail address I provided) and deactivate this “Master Reaver” one.

It sounds like the issue might be on Hotmail/Outlook’s end. I wonder if there’s some way of letting them know about it?

@Master Reaver, you can now post with your “Soul Reaver” account and password. You cannot log in or post with your Master Reaver account.


Indeed, it seems to work now. Thank you very much Gale. :slight_smile:

Do you think Buanzo could check the server logs on his/her return? If we can determine that the issue with that email definitely isn’t on the audacity forum end then I’ll log a query with hotmail about why the emails sent from here aren’t arriving.

OK I will ask him when I know he’s back.



Buanzo here :smiley:

Feel free to PM directly anytime with any server issues or whatnot. I don’t usually keep an eye on the forum content per se, but Gale and other users usually let me know.

My email is buanzo at

Glad it’s working now. Gale and I will check the logs for the email addresses, anyway.

have fun!


PS: check out no carrier :stuck_out_tongue: -

I tried two different hotmail accounts and no messages ever came (yes I checked the spam folder).
I finally had to use a gmail account.


We’ve been having issues delivering to Microsoft-owned domains like hotmail and for a long time now. I am in the middle of making some changes to bypass the issue. Please, bear with me.

If there are people willing to help me out testing hotmail/outlook delivery, please PM me, because I don’t have such an account.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE, offers some pretty cool features, specially on the security side of things. Might be a good excuse to check it out.

As of this moment, emails to, and are being routed thorugh another server.

PM me directly if anyone with a Microsoft email address care to help.

Hi there!
This post saved me a lot of trouble, I just had the same problem.
I tried to register with Hotmail but the confirmation e-mail never arrived, funnily enough when I tried to use the same details with a different account, it said that the username was already in use…
Anyway, you guys want to check it out, because there has to be something there.
Never received it in my inbox or my spam/junk folder. Tried the re-send option, but nothing. Did this between 5.35 and 6.15pm today, European time.
Cheers for now, because I am about to ask for advice on a recording I tried earlier on.
Bye! :smiley:


Well, this was 8 years ago, but I have now exactly the same situation:

I have registered now with a temporary mail address and all worked fine. But I would like to “return” to my initial registration.

Of course I have contacted the Board Administrator asking for support but until now there was no reaction.

So I would like to ask here if there are any ideas what I could do to achieve the activation of my account with the Hotmail-address. (In return, this account could be closed.)

Thank you.

Yes, this problem has been going on for years.

As far as I can tell, it seems that Hotmail / MSN blocks emails from phpBB (the forum software). Buanzo, our previous System Administrator, worked around the problem by re-routing emails to Hotmail accounts through his own server. Buanzo has since retired from being our System Administrator, so that workaround is no longer available.

The only solution / workaround that I know of is to set up another email account (not using Hotmail / MSN) for forum emails. If you set up a Gmail account for this purpose, you may be able to automatically forward messages from the Gmail account to your usual Hotmail account, though I can’t guarantee that Hotmail will let them through.

I see. Thank you for the information.

So the most simple solution for me will be to stay with this Forum account. I think it is not necessary to set one more e-mail account to register again, as personal communication can take place in PMs via the Forum anyway.

I would just ask you - if it is possible without a lot of work - that you delete my initial account (= the one with the Hotmail-address) as it cannot be activated anyway. The username for the initial account were the letter combinations just the other way around: “Lpmccd” (representing the sound media LP, music cassette and CD :sunglasses: ).

Ah, and one more suggestion:
As the problem with Hotmail is known and obviously permanent, please publish this information (the one you gave here) in sort of a warning or something similar on the page with the registration form. So people who would like to register will know from the beginning that with an Hotmail / MSN account the registration will not succeed and they can take care immediately for an alternative email account.


I’ll see if I can get hold of the new System Administrator and suggest that to him.