are CD's recorded with vocals and each instrument separate?

I am trying to learn to play songs on the guitar, and I was wondering if vocals and each instrument are usually recorded separately in the song. What I would like to do is to isolate the voice and say the rhythm guitar from the rest of the music, so that I can more easily pick out the chords and learn to play them along with the vocals. So is it possible to just isolate the vocals and say one instrument? Thanks

They’re separate (usually) at the studio, but then there’s a mix-down when they’re all smashed together into one stereo song for the release. The only management you can do after that is Vocal Removal (Karaoke), and that generally doesn’t work particularly well.

There’s a long list of people who would die to remix popular songs or isolate selected instruments.


Thanks Koz, I was hoping they might be separate but feared that this was the case. Maybe we need to do something like “The Instrumental Project” where we get musicians who can play different instruments to record that instrument part in a song for others to use. Hmm