Are all the dropouts detected from Jack, PA, WASAPI?


Are all the dropouts detected when the sound comes from:

  • [UNIX] Jack → Audacity
  • [UNIX] PulseAudio → Audacity
  • [Windows] WASAPI (loopback) → Audacity

No, Audacity can’t detect “upstream” dropouts, only “downstream”.

Ok. So if Jack produces a dropout, Audacity cannot know it, only Jack can know it, right?

I did some tests, and that appears to be the case.
If you use QJackCtl to configure and start Jack, it will show xruns that occur on its side of Audacity.

I do not really understand. An xrun is shown in QjackCtl, and Audacity knows an xrun happened in QjackCtl? But you said Audacity cannot detect “upstream” dropouts?

In general, Jack/PulseAudio/WASAPI (= what I understood as your word “upstream”), Audacity really does not know if they produce a dropout, right?

No, Audacity does not know that.
I was trying to say that Audacity 2.2.2 can detect “downstream” dropouts (missed writes to disk), and if you use QjackCtl, then QjackCtl will show “upstream” dropouts (xruns detected by Jack).

Because they are reported to Audacity (thanks to errors I assume)?