Archival Restoration Challenge

I have a 50+ year old reel-to-reel radio air check recording that’s been professionally digitized. But the resulting sound is very muddied and muffled-sounding. I don’t know where to begin to try to clean it up. Can you suggest any effects or filters I should try?


Try boosting the highs (and maybe cutting the lows) with the Equalizer effect. Boosting the highs will help to bring-out the “T” and “S” sounds. It will also boost the tape hiss but it might be worth it if it improves intelligibility.

Thanks, DVDdoug! I’ve done that. It took a lot of trial and error, but I was able to correct for at least half of the problem. I couldn’t get much better than that, but considering the age of the original material, I’m content with the results.