Applying effects changes the duration

Hi folks, currently using Audacity 2.3.2 for Windows.

The issue I’m having is that if I apply a reverb effect to a sound, that sounds suddenly seems to lengthen, even though what I see is still the same length.

What I mean is, I have a sound that’s 2 seconds long, and after applying reverb, it’s still 2 seconds long, but it cuts off at the 2 second mark and looks like it should be longer. Not sure how I can be more clear–

Anyway, is this something that I can work around? Should I lengthen the sound before applying the effect?

Many thanks in advance for any replies.

Generate a few seconds of silence at the end before applying the reverb.
(Selection to be reverbed has to include the sound & the added silence )

Thank you! Any rule of thumb on this? For example, add silence so that the track is twice as long?

Any rule of thumb on this?

Add more than you think you need and then trim the excess silence later. And/or you may want to fade-out the reverb (before trimming) if it “feels” too long .

For example, add silence so that the track is twice as long?

Well… Most audio tracks are more than 2 seconds long. :wink:

It’s not unusual to have a little extra silence at the beginning and end… I believe the “standard gap” between songs on a CD is 2 seconds (mostly at the end) but if you are working with 2-second audio samples you obviously have a special situation and only you know if added silence is OK…

Thank you. I suppose I should clarify–mainly what I’m doing is sound effects for some animation projects I’m working on. And in those cases, two seconds is more than enough…in fact, it’s downright luxury, and needs to be trimmed. (Hand pushes a button, or window opens.) But I’d rather have the option to trim it myself, rather than have Audacity do so. “Ah, here’s what you wanted…” “Erm, not exactly, uh…”

Again, thanks to everyone for the knowledge. I appreciate it when those who know help those who don’t.