Apple error incompatible plugin

After saving a song as mp3, my sound will no longer play. I have saved many songs before as mp3. Checked everything as prescribed, but all settings correct. Then I found this:

INcompatible plugin(s) found: appl/aufx/vois/Apple: AUSoundisolation

On MacOS Ventura 13.2.1…any ideas or help appreciated…

The incompatible plug-in has nothing to do with not being able to hear playback in Audacity. All that message means is that the plug-in didn’t load.

When you say “my sound will no longer play” do you mean in Audacity or for any application on your Mac?

Check the playback volume slider in Audacity. In newer versions of Audacity it is integrated with the playback meter and can be hard to see.

– Bill

Thanks. Appreciate. That solved the problem. Guess I need better glasses. …bestwwest

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