Apple earbuds (wired, headphone jack) stopped working

Audacity 2.4.2 just downloaded. Yesterday, I was able to use my earbuds to record a short (5 second) voicemail greeting.

Today, I can no longer access the external mic. It shows on the SOUND control panel applet, and the graph there shows activity when I speak. But audacity only shows the onboard mic, and I can hear the difference, the sound is much worse. Any ideas? Thanks, Carl

I can hear the difference, the sound is much worse

There’s another way to do this, too. Gently scratch each one.

Classic earbuds have the microphone in that little fat section in the cable with the volume control rocker. My Air has its microphones just left of the left-hand shift key.

You can cause a microphone to vanish if you’re set up to record Stereo and the microphone is Mono, or reverse.

Also see: Audacity > Preferences > Devices > Recording.

There can be issues with Catalina, too, but start there.