Hi all,

A quick question and apologies if posted in the wrong section.
I have downloaded Audacity-3.1.3 (AppImage) and it’s working perfectly under Debian 10(64 bit).

The question I have is, where are the different folders created?
By that I mean for example, the plugins folder.
I have quite a few custom .ny plugins and others from this forum which I would like to add.
I could use the Nyquist plugin installer but that would take ages as have to do them one for one.


By default they are in multiple locations - I’ve not found all of them.

What I prefer to do is to run the AppImage with a “local home”.
The “local home” folder is in the same directory as the AppImage.

If you launch the AppImage with the “-h” option, it tells you how to create a “local home” folder.

Once you have a local home folder, you should see a plug-ins folder in:


Just a thought Paul; do you use mod-script-pipe?
If so, it doesn’t work by default with the AppImage version, but there is a workaround. Basically you have to extract the AppImage somewhere, then mod-script-pipe works. If you need this, start another topic and I’ll look up the exact commands that you will need.

The XDG paths Audacity is using are shown in the About dialog in the build tab.

The user plug-ins folder can be found by running this Nyquist snippet (run it in the Nyquist Prompt):

(get '*system-dir* 'user-plug-in)

Thanks guys, loads of info there.
I did try extract all of the appimage contents (easy to do) but then no matter what I do, it never gets the required permissions to run.

Going to try the options you highlighted.

Thanks guys, it’s solved.

Trying Steve’s Nyquist prompt code returned:


This was confirmed with what @LWinterberg suggested by checking the “about” dialog.

Something interesting about that folder though, it was completely empty.
At first I thought it was the wrong place as Audacity does ship with some .ny plugins,
so there should be some in there.
This is what prompted me to post here asking for help.

However, it turns out that since an AppImage is a type of SquahedFS which gets inflated when run,
it creates a mount in tmp.
In my case it was:


It does change every time it’s run.
In there then, are the .ny plugins that originally ship with Audacity.

To add new ones, there are two ways:

  1. Use the Nyquist Plugin Installer (It does support multiple files at once).
  2. Copy any new .ny plugins directly to:

(For those that don’t know, with either way, you will still need to enable all the new plugins)