AppImage not known by Ubuntu 18.4.5

Audacity 3.0.5 is not yet available on Ubuntu 18.4.5 Software Center so I thought to use that AppImage available on the Audacity team site. However the command chmod +x Audacity*.AppImage returns the message “no such file or directory.” And the rpmseek directory listed as an alternative doesn’t even list Audacity version 3! What gives?!?

There’s really no need to use the command line. Just right click on the AppImage file, select “Properties”, then in the “Permissions” tab tick "Allow this file to run as a program.

Gosh thanks Steve! Changing that one feature allowed me to open 3.0.5 from the AppImage file in my Downloads folder. However now I have 3.0.4 from an AppImage file in downloads, and 3.0.4 in… Snapland? How do I swap to and from this locale? Many thanks!

I’d suggest that you decide which version you want to use and uninstall / remove and others.