App Setting.

I have just upgraded to the latest version. Can you help me with my request in my attached picture?


Click and drag the right edge of the meters.

Hi Steve, that’s how I got Audacity to look like in my lower mage, but it revert to being shrunk when closed then opened. I want it to stay how I set it.

Yes. I can duplicate this on Windows. This issue has been reported to the developers here:

Thanks jademan

2nd Problem, in Windows DirectSound, the recording level is stuck at 100%

Aud 1.jpg

So if you are recording through a USB device, the recording level is set externally to your computer. Audacity’s microphone controls only affect the built-in microphone.

I don’t record through a usb device. Audacity is installed on a laptop running Windows 10.

Curious. I was able to duplicate this issue on Audacity 3.2.2, by

  1. Tools > Reset Configuration
  2. Audio Setup > Host > Windows DirectSound
  3. Manually move recording Meter Level control to 100%
  4. Exit Audacity
  5. Restart Audacity
  6. Record

After stopping and restarting the recording, the control seems to move OK. However, in no case does it actually seem to control the volume level (which CAN be controlled via mmsys.cpl). This behavior also seems to be a regression on 3.0.5 where the Audacity control moved in lock-step with the Windows control.

This issue has been reported to the developers here:

Does WASAPI work for you?

Hi jademan, I followed your instructions but the recording level returned to maximum every time it was restarted. I tried WASAPI It only filled a third of the left & right box regardless of the volume setting.

Yes. That is correct and the problem that you reported. As I mentioned, this issue has been reported to the Audacity developers.

WASAPI works fine for me, and under WASAPI, Audacity’s microphone moves lockstep with the Windows microphone control you can find by running “mmsys.cpl”.

Which One?


The one you get when you hold the Windows key and press R, then type in mmsys.cpl.

This got fixed in the latest version