Anything like a splice click remover, and distortion reduction?

When making a split, or a repair channel, ezpatch, etc., is there any way to reduce the click it makes at the ends of the splice?
Also wondering if there is some way to fill in the noise from clipped distortion so it doesn’t sound as crackly. In the past I have used clipping reduction, but I guess that doesn’t actually do anything.

I guess that doesn’t actually do anything.

Clip Fix repairs the waveshape of one tick based on a guess and doesn’t necessarily restore the original sound.

So no, it’s not going to fix an hour show.


reduce the click

The most common causes of cut point clicks is DC damage on one or both of the works.

Next most common cause of noise (and it’s a close race) is not matching the waveforms at the cut point.

The top wave is much more likely to click or pop than the bottom. Even if all you do is match the zero crossings, that will help.

I think there’s an Audacity setting for that.



oh! The DC Offset. I can fix that easily. That may be what I am hug up on. The distortion is from the clipped peaks, right? So it’s not a sound, but a repetitiv lack of sound if I understand properly. I wonder if using some effect to sustain or add delay would maybe fix that per sound

Koz, is this what you were thinking of: Select Menu: At Zero Crossings ?

I have also had good results with fade in/fade out and cross fade.