anyone using m-audio

i have m-audio firewire solo and trying to use it with audacity 1.3 beta
i play a backingtrack and play with my guitar on it
i have success in connecting the firewire but my problem is that the sound i get from the monitor of firewire and what i play is really off, they are not synchronized
is there anything i can do to correct this?

You mean you’re playing in time with the backing track and the final product is off-beat? Or do you mean that you’re hearing two monitoring signals when you record?

If you’ve got the first problem, there’s a feature called “Latency Correction” in the beta versions of Audacity. I wrote a tutorial on how to set it up:

If you have the second problem, then turn OFF Software Playthrough in the edit → preferences → audio i/o menu.

Thanks for the response alatham
I’m hearing two monitoring signals while i’m recording
i tried your suggestion as soon as i read it, but this time a strange noise is recorded and i cannot hear the backing track. i think i lose connection with audacity completely.

What sources do you have selected for playback and recording in the edit → preferences → audio i/o menu?

MME: M-Audio FW Solo 1/2 for both

That’s probably the right input/output setting. Do you have “play other tracks while recording new one” turned ON in the audio i/o menu?

As long as you have the right input and output device selected, “play other tracks…” turned ON, and “software playthrough” OFF, then you should be good to go.

Can you record normally using Windows Sound Recorder? That’s a good test to see if the problem is with hardware or software.

Also, what does this “strange noise” sound like?

Well I’ve tried all you’ve suggested (other track “ON” and software playthru “OFF”)
The result is the line indicating the progress of recording (on the wave band) does not move. And only a BUZZing sound is heard.

I’ve finally found a solution
Idon’t know why but if you choose the number of channels more than 4 it is solved

Hi, I have just purchased the Audio Technica USB recorder that comes with AUDACITY and CAKE WALK. I decided to first use AUDACITY because I have WINDOWS VISTA (CAKE WALK requires a patch I must obtain from CAKE WALK in order to be WINDOWS VISTA-compatible).

Problem 1:

  1. the manual from Audio Technica that speaks of how to set up your PC is awful. The control panel menu SOUNDS AND AUDIO DEVICES PROPERTIES does not exist in WINDOW VISTA and all the instructions on that page do not apply (therefore, I can’t tell if I’m setup correctly).

  2. I managed to get AUDACITY installed, following the preferences instructions. However, I do not know which PLAYBACK DEVICE that I need to choose as there are several to choose from [i.e. MICROSOFT SOUND MAPPER - OUTPUT – SPDIF INTERFACE (CONEXANT HIGH – etc.]. And why just the one parenthesis ( before the word CONEXANT and not an ending parenthesis )? WINDOWS VISTA just seems absolutely inane and inept.

  3. I managed to record a snippet of a 45. But when I go and try to play any tunes in my WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER library, I cannot hear anything as the track is clearly running (keep in mind that the USB cable from the Audio Technica equipment is still plugged in and AUDACITY is open with that one snippet recorded from that 45). The only way to hear something from WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER is to unplug the USB cable and fidget around. Sometimes I have to turn the PC completely off in order to again hear WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER and sometimes not. This does not seem right as a friend’s system doesn’t exhibit the same problem. I should be able to play anything on my PC, whether an MP3 or WAV or CDA file, and hear it even though the USB cable from Audio Technica is plugged in. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Problem 2:

I tried experimenting on the above snippet of a clip from that 45 I just recorded. There are clicks and surface noise but AUDACITY’s CLICK REMOVAL and NOISE REMOVAL features are just awful. I followed all the instructions without any results. CLICK REMOVAL absolutely did nothing – the clicks are still there. NOISE REMOVAL literally takes away the music and leaves a few alien-sounding beep sounds in place of the music. So, with WINDOWS VISTA being completely inept, with AUDIO TECHNICA’s manual being completely inept for WINDOWS VISTA users, with CAKE WALK having to require WINDOWS VISTA users to email for a patch, and with AUDACITY being inept with its CLICK REMOVAL and NOISE REMOVAL features; this whole experience has been crappy from the get-go. Any ideas on how to really use CLICK REMOVAL and NOISE REMOVAL without turning tracks into MORK FROM ORK alien sounds?

I’ve been duped and thus my user name AUDUPITY.

Problem 3:

Using AUDACITY, I opened an MP3 file on my hard drive. When I play the MP3, there is no sound. Before I ever had an AUDIO TECHNICA or installed the AUDACITY software included with AUDIO TECHNICA, I had a the free version of AUDACITY on my PC and could play MP3 and WAV files without any sound problems. Now that I’ve downloaded and installed the disk provided by AUDIO TECHNICA and have the USB AUDIO CODEC DRIVER for the AUDIO TECHNICA USB player on my PC, I can no longer just play MP3 files WITHOUT having that silly USB cable plugged in. This is stupid. I should be able to play whatever file I want using AUDACITY whether or not that stupid USB cable is plugged in. Any ideas on how to fix this so I don’t have have that USB AUDIO TECHNICA cable plugged in? Remember, with that cable plugged in, I can’t hear any files on my computer using WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER or REAL AUDIO. I don’t like having my PC hijacked by AUDIO TECHNICA and/or AUDACITY where I can only hear files on AUDACITY (but only with the USB cable plugged in) or files using WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER (but only with the USB cable disconnected) and not both.