Any way to re-order a track efficiently?

I love Audacity but reordering tracks is a real chore. In a multitrack project, I collapse all tracks to facilitate moving one up or down. I find that I can drag a track up/down by only two track spaces (three if I drag sloooowly) . Moving a track from, say, 16th up to 2nd takes ages. The manual does not address the issue. Has anyone found a way to efficiently reorder tracks? Please share.

Audacity 2.0.6 (due to be released some time around the new year) will have two new commands in the track drop-down menus. “Move track to top” am “Move track to bottom”. The track drop down menu for the track that has focus can be opened by pressing the menu key (“context” key) and menu items selected by pressing the relevant access key (the underlined letter). For large projects it tends to be quicker to use the keyboard than the mouse, and the new commands should help.

Tracks can also be sorted by track name or start time (look in the main “Tracks” menu).

Thanks, I’ll look forward to the update. A right-click context menu would be nice. (hint, hint.)

You mention a “Context Key.” Is that planned for the next version, or does such a key already exist for Audacity? If so, whcih key?

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The context key is the application key on a Windows keyboard. It unfortunately has a bug, it deselects all tracks. You can use Shift-m instead.

See here: