Any way to interface footswitch w/ Audacity?

I’m new to this forum but been using Audacity for years. I’m trying to play a song I’ve got loaded up on Audacity. I’m trying to play it on piano and I was just wondering if there’s any kind of plug-in I could interface with a footswitch so I can repeat the selected audio I’m trying to play. Or even FF or RR or the likes. If there’s nothing that I can get off the shelf, I’m tempted to wire up a box with a couple momentary contact switches and find out how to interface it to a window’s driver or something.

Select a portion of the song > Transport > Looping…

I don’t know about putting a mechanical contact in there. That would be an adventure.


Tape up a mouse so you only step on one of the keys. Make that be the play key.

That’s the only way I can think of a way to import a “contact closure” without designing a device and interface.

You could do that with a taped-up keyboard, too. Spacebar is Stop and Start in Audacity. Make it so you can only step on the spacebar.


So I do this on Windows 10 with a Bluetooth Donner DMB-1 (I use mode 5 so the left pedal simulates the space bar). When Audacity “sees” the space, it (re-starts) or stops the audio from the last point selected with the mouse. I am sure there are less expensive alternatives around.

Come to think of it, you could probably do this with a bluetooth keyboard. Just step on the space bar with your toe - and try not to hit the “any” key. :ugeek: :wink:

Cut up heavy cardboard with a razor blade such that you can’t easily hit more than the spacebar.

When I was growing up, mom used to call things like this “my inventions.”


Thanks all. I think all I need is a page-turner.