Any way to improve the sound quality of this mp3 audiobook?

I’ve got the mp3s for an audiobook that I’d like to listen to in my car during my work commute but the sound quality is rather poor which makes it hard to listen to and understand, especially over competing traffic noises and the like. So I was wondering if there’s any way to improve the sound quality in order to make it clearer and more audible; I tried messing around with it in Audacity, trying out different effects to see if I could make it any better, but I didn’t get very far. Then again I don’t know much about this type of thing so I’m hoping someone here can help.

Here’s a sample mp3 of the audiobook:

If anyone could offer some suggestions on how the audio quality could be enhanced/cleared up it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Not much there to clean. The track is horribly compressed MP3 – that’s what the bubbling and gargling is in the background. It overloads and it has noise distortion rippling all through it. It’s muffled and has about the same fidelity as a telephone, so there’s nothing to boost to make it clearer.

I’m out.