Any way to additionally increase amplitude with Envelope tool?

I need to boost the volume of the tail of a fade out section. Rather than use the amplify tool to gradually amplify small sections of it, I tried using the Envelope tool for the task.

But if I drag an inner control point to the outer border, the amplification is insufficient, even when zoomed out. If I drag an inner control point beyond the outer margin of the track, it gets lost; and the amplitude of the waveform remains unchanged. Is there a way to additionally increase the amplitude of the waveform with the Envelope tool, so that the peaks of the waveform are closer to the maximum level?

I don’t know if this can be done with the envelope tool. I would try using the Adjustable Fade.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I did not find the Adjustable Fade friendly for the task. But I managed to reduce the fade-out rate of a tapered section of the waveform: I zoomed out to double the vertical height, used the Envelope tool to amplify as much as permitted then used the Amplify tool, working in sections, editing along the x-axis to avoid creating artifact.

I played with the settings some more and found that your option works nicely. Thank you for lending a hand.

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