Any problems with M1 Pro or M2 chips?

Hi folks,

My computer makes too much noise when I record, which fills all my recordings with fan noise! So I gotta get a new computer. I’m looking at either a new MacBook Pro with an M1 Pro chip or a MacBook Air with an M2 chip. Are there any problems running the latest version of Audacity for Mac on these machines? Anyone here doing that now? The last time I got a new computer, I had to use Terminal to open Audacity because there was some bug. So I’m curious if there’s anything like that now.



Yes, there are issues with the M1 and M2 chip that have to do with the right ffmpeg file. If you download Audacity 3.2.0 for a mac be sure to download the MAC X86 version, not the ARM64 version. i have an M1 Mac and the x86 version runs fine. The Download button on the Audacity homepage defaults to the X86 version until this is resolved. The ARM64 version requires the arm64 version of FFMPEG that isn’t available without installing 3rd party software like Homebrew. Hopefully, this will be fixed soon. Here’s some info I’ve found…

i have Mac Pro 14! M1 Pro, I cannot use Audacity, please helpp me.
I have installed:
audacity 3.2.3,
blackhole 16 ch

by MIDI I have created:
device with multiple inputs Blackhole
device with multiple output Blackhole+ Mac speakers

But I cannot rec the audio from safari (Internet)
Someone can Help o suggest me something? tnx


Thanks, but with my new Mac doesn’t work. only me with this problem?

I don’t know (I’m a Windows guy). However, here is a tutorial on doing that that I found while doing an internet search on “audacity blackhole m1”:

How to Use BlackHole on M1 Macs [Tutorial]

Good luck! :smiley:

IT WORKS thank you very much :slight_smile: audio just a bit low but it works :slight_smile:

Both on my MacBook Air M1 and my Mini M2 Pro, I need to capture the USB output of a TEAC cassette deck. In both computers Audacity 3.3.2 sees and connects to the USB AUDIO CODEC of the TEAC. However, no sound at all is captured.
Now for the job I’m using OBS on the same computers, working just fine.