Any Plans for a 64-bit Build?


Are there any plans for a 64-bit version of Audacity?

The reason I’m interested is because I’d like to develop some plugins using LV2 and GTK-OSX however it’s a PITA as both of these default to 64-bit on OSX.



Would you not want 32 bit versions anyway? Why exclude everyone with 32 bit operating systems from using your plugins?

Ideally I’d like both! But for getting something happening quickly it’s easier to go down the 64-bit path.

I want to develop plugins that are OS and cross-platform. The only real option is LV2. The VST2 SDK is no longer available and VST3 doesn’t seem to be well-supported. Vamp plugins only do analysis and don’t have a GUI while AUs are OSX only. However LV2 uses waf for builds which is OK but very poorly documented if you want to do anything other than just typing “./waf”. Building GTK-OSX is long and quite complicated - in fact, I think by updating recently I’ve managed to end up with a 64-bit version rather than 32-bit.

What I wanted to check was if there was a 64-bit version of Audacity around the corner - if so, I’d probably wait for it (and work on effect algorithms) rather than faff around with build configurations.



No immediate plans that I’m aware of. Certainly not “around the corner” :wink:

I believe Audacity builds on Linux are 64-bit if built on a 64-bit system.

The first prerequisite for a 64-bit Mac build of Audacity would probably be to drop support for OS X 10.4 and 10.5.

64-bit Audacity builds raise the question of 32-bit VST plug-ins, which don’t usually work in 64-bit hosts without a bridge (at least on Mac and Windows).

Did you dismiss Nyquist as being too limited, or because only Audacity supports Nyquist?


Bumping this thread as I notice that Apple have come out and said that High Sierra (10.13) will be the last version of MacOS that supports 32-bit applications “without compromise” (whatever that means).

Are there any plans to make sure Audacity keeps working on the next release of Mac OS? It would be a shame if we lost it from this platform.

Amen to this.

I just came to these forums because I read the same and wanted to see if there’s a 64bit build.

There are no plans to drop support for MacOS.

I guess what I’m after (and I suspect others in this thread) is some reassurance that a 64-bit build for Mac will be ready by the time Apple pulls the plug on 32-bit apps. We’re starting to get annoyed by popups every time we run Audacity, telling us that this time is coming closer. So, can we rely on Audacity, or should we go looking for an alternative?

Yes we are aware that Apple have decided to harness “pester power” in their quest to drop 32-bit support. 64-bit Mac builds will be announced when they become available.

what can a user who is moderately competent at writing or maintaining software do to speed along the process? are there specific places where we can find out what needs to be done to make it happen? maybe i – or you, dear reader – could help!