any other way besides a mic to record?

help would be much appreciated

Yes. What would you like to record and on what kind of computer and which operating system?

This is the kind of sentence we’re looking for.


i record songs i write on a windows xp pc problem is though usb mics here cost a lot and i don’t know if i could buy one soon but im really anxious to get started, not that i haven’t yet, the thing is i still get this hissing background noise even after noise removal btw i record with a webcam mic not that it’s good but it’s all i have right now and i was wondering what my other options are besides a usb mic? anything that’s better than a webcam mic and cheaper than a usb mic and sorry kind of new to this

What’s your budget?

You can find cheap usb mics. If you can’t find them at a local store you can order online. Quality is usually proportional to the price, but you’ll probably get better quality from a separate mic than using a webcam mic (which is probably usb device right? so technically you are using an usb mic).

You do need a mic to record sound… You can’t really record sound from your mouse or keyboard…

Which instruments will you be recording? Voice only? Guitar too? Something else?

A USB microphone is probably the cheapest option.
Users have reported very good results (for the price) with “Logitech USB Desktop Microphones”.

atm im broke but am now convinced to save up for a usb mic but which is better though a friend told me about usb audio interface is it better than a usb mic or do they work well together? oh and im gonna be recording vocals, acoustic guitar, and probably electric ones too

ok so i googled logitech mics are they really any good?

Logitech usb desktop mics are regarded as pretty decent for the price, but don’t expect studio quality audio…

USB audio interface is, as the name suggests, an interface. In other words it’s a piece of equipment that allows you to connect one equipment to another one… in this case a mic to the computer’s usb port. Yes, you still need to get a mic!

An usb mic already has the usb audio interface built inside it, so you don’t need to get a separate one. That’s probably your best choice since you’re on a very low budget.

There’s an audio sample from a Logitech desktop microphone here:

thank you so much one last thing how do i record without having to deal with background noise? oh and i’ve tried noise removal didn’t really work

wow the logitech mic’s pretty good i think i’ll buy one and test it out first before i buy a usb mic again thank you

That Logitech is a USB microphone. It’s plugged into the USB socket of my Mac.

I make it look really easy, but that conference room is dead quiet and has no echoes. I’ve recorded several very nice tracks in there. We have done some television interviews in that room and they all sound terrific.

That’s unusual. Most people have to deal with traffic noises, refrigerator pumps and noisy air conditioning. You don’t realize how bad it is until you try to make a quiet recording. “What? Oh, that’s the neighbor’s dog.” One of the people who works here puts quilts in his closet and records in there.

I’ve been known to use furniture moving pads.

That’s over and above the microphone itself making noise. If there’s only a little bit, you can get rid of it in Audacity 1.3.12.



You can’t get rid of most apartment noises: traffic, dogs, TV sets, radios, or voices in post production.


thanks for the tips i’ll post again some time soon when i start recording

is it advisable to record in the bathroom?

Usually no. Bathrooms tend to be very echoey (reverberant). It is easy to add reverberation (“reverb”, “delay” or “echo” effects) to a recording. It’s almost impossible to remove unwanted echoes / reverberation. For this reason recordings are usually made “dry” (lots of soft furnishings and sound absorbent materials to cut down echoes to a minimum), then add artificial reverb later if required.

Having said that, on some occasions you may want to record somewhere that is very bright and echoey. There’s a lot of excellent classical music recordings that have been made in big echoey cathedrals, and for cathedral organs the echoes of the cathedral is considered to be an essential feature of the sound.

my friend says so too well thank you guys for everything